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Frequently Asked Questions

Q: How do I know is a bone fide Company and that my booking and money with them is safe

A: Ltd is registered Limited Liability Company registered in Mauritius - Registration number 072648 C1/GBL. As a member of SATSA (Southern Africa Tourism Services Association) member number 1438 - is 'bonded' - that means if we get into financial difficulties - any money you have paid prior or during your tour is fully protected.We will happily provide you with the contact details of the Lodges & Camps include in your itinerary so you can confirm your reservation is intact and we are a reputable Operator, as well as numerous other references you can contact to check us out!

Q:How do I pay for my tour ?
We accept Visa and MasterCard payments in US$s Euro, UK£s and South African Rand - no additional charge is made for payment by Credit Card. Payment can also be made by Bank Transfer

Q: What are the terms when booking a tour with Island- Safari?
Please read our Terms & Conditions at: Terms and Conditions

Q: What proof will I receive that my tour is confirmed?
: You will receive travel documents, ie. Voucher for your accommodation, transfers and activities. These are pre-paid vouchers and are accepted as full payment by all those providing you with services throughout your Tour. You will also receive a detailed Itinerary for your tour - this will include a 24hour contact telephone number

Q: Do I need Visa for my stay in Africa?
: It will depend on the Countries you are visiting and the passport you are travelling on - we will provide you with VISA information pertinent to your Itinerary. All people traveling to the Southern African region require a valid passport that is valid for 6 months and has a minimum of 2 blank pages - more if you are visiting numerous Countries on your Itinerary - often one Country's entry stamp requires a whole page!.

Q: Is it safe to travel in Africa?
The most visited countries in Southern Africa are really quite safe to visit. If you adhere to the basic principles, as you would in any large city anywhere in the world: Travelers with tour operators/groups are the least at risk and self-drive clients are advised to plan in advance which routes they wish to travel and to get all of their destination information ahead of time. If traveling by car, make sure the doors are locked at all times and that no bags or purses are left on passenger seats. While on safari in the bush, you will be given clear instructions on the behavior of wild animals, and your professional Guide will do everything to ensure you are not put in a potentially dangerous situation. The people are gracious and hospitable in those areas. continually monitors both political and medical problems in the Southern African region - and will immediately suggest changes to your itinerary should the need arise

Q: When is the best time to travel to Southern Africa?
Southern Africa is a year-round destination, as different regions are at their most spectacular at different times. Generally it is winter in most of Southern African areas between May and September. These months are often popular for game viewing, as it is dry and the wildlife is much easier to see and it is also cooler. In summer the temperature often reaches between 30 and 40°C. However, in many countries, summer is the best time to visit beautiful the beaches and the coastal resorts. Summer ( November - March) often coincides with the rainy season, resulting in lush, green countryside and lovely scenery. Click on any of the links to find out more information on the specific countries: South Africa,Namibia, Botswana, Zimbabwe, and Mozambique.

Q: What types of food would we expect on Tour?
International Cuisine! - Our destinations are aware that not everyone wants to experience local cuisine - it is often available as an option - but not forced upon you. It is possible to get vegetarian, halaal, kosher and most food preferences in Southern Africa - but will require prior notification of your needs. If you have any special dietary requirements let us know in advance we will be able to cater for you. Lodges and Hotels are trained to cater for all different types of culinary tastes. As a rule, do not eat anything purchased at the side of the road and wash fruit and vegetables thoroughly before eating.

Q: Are Safaris dangerous?

A. We have had many thousands of clients travel with us over 10 years, and have never had a single client injured whilst on safari. You are always accompanied by professional Guides - who will give you clear instructions on how to behave and react when close to wild animals.

Q: Do I need to take out Travel Insurance?

A: YES! - this is very important - it protects you if you have to cancel your trip at the last moment, it protects you if your luggage goes missing - and most importantly it protects you if you become ill during your Tour. Often this will involve expensive aircraft medical evacuation and transfer to a private medical hospital - you need to protect yourself with comprehensive travel insurance

Q:What happens if I have a problem or complaint during my Tour?

A: In most cases the Hotel or Lodge you are staying at can solve the problem. If not - you are provided with a 24 hour telephone number for who will assist you


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